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Adelai Brown
The Heart Coach-Life & Business Strategist

At the tender age of 18, I found myself at the crossroads of motherhood, living independently, and trapped in an abusive relationship. These early life experiences, though challenging, laid the foundation for the mission I passionately pursue today. My journey is a testament to the transformative power of healing the heart and using personal growth and business acumen to assist individuals, families, and organizations in creating purposeful systems that navigate internal and external conflicts with grace.

I've donned the mantle of "The Heart Coach," channeling my transformational speaking and coaching abilities to author four impactful books, develop multiple emotional wellness courses, and empower over 100,000 leaders both in-person and online. My work has garnered recognition from esteemed organizations such as Amazon, ESSENCE magazine, and CBN.

The name "Addie BB, LLC" is not just a business moniker; it's a heartfelt tribute to my grandmother, Addie Hutto Beach, a woman whose unwavering faith and fortitude instilled in me the values that continue to guide my life and work.

My mission is to cultivate "Heart Equity" by fostering personal, relational, and financial wealth through authentic living. Beyond my role as a transformational coach, I am also a licensed real estate agent in South Carolina, where I call Charleston my home, living with my husband, Kevin, along with our four children and two cats.

My personal journey is one of profound healing and transformation. I stand as living proof of the immense power of healing one's heart to transform one's life. This transformative journey has led me to develop purposeful systems that aid individuals, families, and organizations in navigating conflicts effectively and efficiently.

I am profoundly passionate about helping professionals achieve genuine transformation in their personal and professional lives. My diverse background encompasses training in entrepreneurship, community mentoring with both youth and adults, business coaching, and my unique approach known as "Heart Coaching," which places a hyper-focus on emotional and spiritual wellness.

My journey has been punctuated by hardships and heartaches. Raised by a single mother, I stepped into motherhood myself at the tender age of 18 while living independently. By the age of 21, I was on the path to healing from an abusive relationship, raising my daughter, and embarking on a new career in medicine. For a decade, I managed healthcare practices, simultaneously caring for clients, staff, and physicians while undergoing my own healing journey from emotional, mental, and physical trauma.

Through unwavering emotional resilience and profound spiritual intimacy, I transformed my life. I've carried these lessons forward, determined to help others embark on their own journeys of healing and self-discovery. The strong faith and fortitude I exhibit today were deeply instilled in me by my family and the remarkable women who guided my path, most notably, my grandmother, Addie Hutto Beach.

I hold a deep conviction that authentic vulnerability is the key to healing the heart and curating an authentic life. It's this belief that drives me to develop tools and solutions that empower my clients to transform their lives and positively impact those around them.

In 2014, I launched the group Heart coaching program, "Heart Talk," a program that continues to flourish today. Through "Heart Connections" with Addie BB, LLC, I have had the privilege of coaching over 300 clients, publishing four impactful books, and creating over 25 personal development programs and events.

As a transformation speaker, I possess the unique ability to connect profoundly with audiences. My relatable and smooth delivery style meets listeners where they are, inspiring emotional intelligence and improved relationships with oneself and others, while fostering an authentic, empowered perspective on life.

My commitment to transformation extends to young people through our youth programs and community partnerships. To date, we have served over 100 youths by advocating for emotional wellness, raising awareness about mental health, teaching conflict resolution, and providing invaluable vocational training.

With over 26 years of business experience in customer relations and client satisfaction, I am also adept at improving and upgrading the environment and atmosphere within organizations. My work has made a tangible impact on a variety of companies, including notable names like Amazon, Girls Scouts of America, The Kaufman Foundation, Business Talk Radio, and the College of Charleston.

My life's journey is a testament to the extraordinary potential for healing, growth, and transformation that resides within each of us. As The Heart Coach, I am committed to guiding others on their path to authenticity, healing, and personal success, helping them embrace their unique journey of transformation.

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