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Turning Pain Into Purpose

Turning Pain Into Purpose

At the age of 18, I found myself facing the responsibilities of motherhood, living independently, and trapped in an abusive relationship. These early life experiences became the foundation for my mission today, using my personal journey and business skills to assist individuals, families, and organizations in creating purposeful systems to effectively navigate internal and external conflicts.

As The Heart Coach, I've channeled my transformational speaking and coaching abilities to author four books, develop multiple emotional wellness courses, and empower over 100,000 leaders both in-person and online. My work has been embraced by renowned organizations such as Amazon, Essence magazine, and CBN.

My mission is to build "heart equity" by fostering personal, relational, and financial wealth through authentic living. I'm also a licensed real estate agent in South Carolina, and I reside in Charleston with my husband, Kevin, along with our four children and two cats.

My personal journey has been one of healing and transformation, and I am a living testament to the power of healing one's heart to transform one's life. This journey has led me to create purposeful systems to help individuals, families, and organizations navigate conflict effectively and efficiently.

I am passionate about helping professionals achieve real transformation in their personal and professional lives. My diverse background includes training in entrepreneurship, community mentoring with youth and adults, business coaching, and heart coaching—a hyper-focused approach to emotional and spiritual wellness.I am based in Charleston, South Carolina, and you can reach me at [email protected]